About Us

Biltong Craft SA (Pty) Ltd was established in 2018. The company is a family-owned business that is quality-focused, passionate about their products and is performance driven. The factory is based in Somerset West Business Park. The company is all about brand image and customer satisfaction.

The company mainly produce high-quality products and sell them directly to the end consumer.

By code the company does not supply other biltong retailers due to the exclusiveness and time-consuming curing methods used to produce our products.

Biltong Craft SA is not aiming to find retail space on every given corner,
but searching for markets that will comply with the brand image of the company.

Lifestyle on Kloof ( Cape Town)

We found through thorough research and experience that the dried meat market is being dominated by a few wholesale biltong companies that supply the same quality products to large retail outlets as well as biltong shops, thus the number of unsatisfied clients are increasing.

Why we are Different:

  • There is constant product quality control and owner involvement at our stalls is on a weekly basis.
  • We are consistently exploring and testing different ideas and products to obtain and enhance the “Craft aspect” in our biltong to create unique and perfected products
  • We produce high quality products at affordable prices.
  • We follow an eco-friendly Trend.
  • We produce & sell Premium Wagyu biltong, Premium Wagyu Dry wors, Flavored Chicken Bites & more.
  • All our products are named by a unique Special characteristic or feature.

We are always open to feedback and recommendations so do not doubt to
contact us.